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Does my child have an ear infection?

Your toddler is tugging at their ear and acting extra fussy. Could it be an ear infection? Ear infections are one of the most common reasons parents bring their child to the doctor. In fact, five out of six kids will experience at least one ear infection by their third birthday. The condition, also known  Read more »

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Prevent Scars with Proper Wound Care

Cuts, scrapes, and minor wounds are a part of life, but lasting scars don’t have to be. Learn how to care for your wounds and prevent scars. What Exactly Is A Scar? When skin is injured, our body produces extra collagen in an effort to repair the wound as fast as possible. This fibrous healing  Read more »

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Join us at the Bellingham Traverse!

Bellingham Traverse Boundary Bay Brewery and Village Books take on the Team Trek. Photo by Brandon Sawaya. Bellingham Traverse is a fun relay race that celebrates the journey of wild salmon. Families, friends and local companies form solo, tandem and relay teams to run, bike and paddle through Bellingham’s scenic parks, winding trails and  Read more »

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Back to School: Common Classroom Illnesses

The start of the school year brings with it new teachers, full backpacks, and plenty of homework. Unfortunately, it also brings an increased risk of illness for your children. Kids in school spend more time indoors, in close proximity to one another, sharing supplies, toys, — and infections. Learn about the common classroom illnesses that  Read more »

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How to Prevent Common Sports Injuries

Sports are an amazing way to get exercise, be social, and improve your overall well-being. But every time you step onto the field, you run the risk of injury. Collisions, poor technique, overuse, or simply, bad luck can leave you with a serious medical issue. Common sports injuries include: Sprains: A sudden twist or fall  Read more »

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Is it a UTI or an STI?

If you’re making frequent --and painful-- trips to the bathroom, you might assume you have a urinary tract infection. But, there are other conditions that cause pelvic pain and trouble with urination, most notably, sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia and gonorrhea. So, how can you tell if you’re suffering due to a UTI or an  Read more »

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Stop Your Seasonal Allergies Before They Start

If you suffer from seasonal allergic rhinitis (AKA hay fever), then you know the symptoms are downright miserable. The constant sneezing, runny nose, and itchiness make it difficult to deal with even the most simple daily tasks. This spring, learn the best way to stop your seasonal allergies before they start. Understanding Hay Fever Hay  Read more »

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All About Upper Respiratory Infections

If you’ve got a runny nose, an aching throat, and a cough that won’t quit, you can probably blame it on an upper respiratory infection (URI). URIs are one of the most common reasons people visit the doctor, especially in fall and winter. Educate yourself on the illness, and learn ways to battle the miserable  Read more »

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