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The Rehabilitation Care team at Care Medical Group comprises skilled individuals from various backgrounds who work closely with one another to ensure comprehensive and convenient injury care. Our Physical Therapy program, when complimented with Massage therapy, allows patients to receive the complete care they need for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. Call us at 360-734-4300 option 1 for more information. If you are a referring provider, feel free to contact us for specialty referral forms.

Physical Therapy

In the current health care environment, it is crucial for providers to make effective and efficient treatment choices. That’s why Physical Therapy should be your first choice for treating most musculoskeletal conditions. A recent study showed that musculoskeletal Physical Therapists have higher patient satisfaction with decreased opioid use compared to other health professionals in an urgent setting with regards to low back and upper extremity pain.1 Julie Fritz, et al. concluded in 2017 that early Physical Therapy improves quality of life and is a cost-effective approach to usual primary care when treating low back pain.2 A systematic review from 2017 showed a combination of manual therapy with active therapeutic exercise was effective for treating multiple common shoulder impairments.3 Our skilled Physical Therapy team offers the knowledge and ability to provide an optimal recovery experience for patients.

Massage Therapy

Whether for the purposes of treatment or wellness, Massage Therapy is an effective form of soft tissue manipulation that is efficient in relieving muscle/joint pain, increasing range of motion, and alleviating tightness in myofascial structures and muscles. In a 2011 study, Massage Therapy patients reported better overall quality of life and reduced stress levels after only two weeks of treatment.4  Modalities like Orthopedic Massage, Osteopathic Massage, Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Active Assisted Release and Muscle Energy Techniques have proven so effective in treatment of work-related injuries that the Department of Labor and Industries considers Massage Therapy to be one of the fastest growing fields in medicine.5 Massage Therapy is an integral part of our injury recovery program and, combined with Physical Therapy, will offer the best possible chance of quick recovery.

Rehabilitation Care Team

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